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The Historic Pittsburgh project has maps from the 1872 G. Hopkins Pittsburgh atlas and subsequent editions, as well as other maps and views of the city and some books that show maps. Hopkins and a similar copy appeared in the Hopkins' Atlas of the Cities of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and the Adjoining Boroughs, 1872 (see Historic Pittsburgh ). Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1871... This small 2.5 x 8 inch vignette appears on an atlas map showing routes of the Panhandle Railroad and otherwise dated to 1875 or a little later. The old Point bridges are shown and Allegheny City is part of Pittsburgh. ONE WAY STREETS AND PARKING REGULATIONS PITTSBURGH, PA. This is an undated Gulf road map of Pittsburgh with no printer identified and in the form of a mailer. 1, 1919", so the map dates either 1918 or early 1919. The pages were an ad from the Union Trust Company celebrating its 50th anniversary; the accompanying 1889 print is shown above.

Sanborn real estate maps dating from 1867 to near the present can be found on some websites; the earliest seen for Pittsburgh dates to the 1880s. The inset at top left shows the cutoff section along the Monongahela; the second inset shows a section along the Allegheny cut off at the top. Although dated 1871 along the bottom, this view is later than the Krebs one of similar date above as two bridges are now shown at the point. The cover is similar to other Gulf 1918 road maps, so that dating is used here.

Abraham Lincoln also slept there, staying at the Monongahela House on his way to Washington after the election of 1860. The Sears' book provided many Americans their first glimpse at well-known national landmarks, monuments, famous buildings, and natural wonders. Ranney, 1853; or Fanning's illustrated gazetteer of the United States ... The Pennsylvania Canal is shown with its aqueduct across the Allegheny River. Depot is shown at the Point with a dotted line, apparently tracks, coming down Liberty Avenue. Bowen's book originally appeared around 1852 and so must have been very popular.

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A temporary fort was built circa 1758-59 near the Monongahela River to house troops under the command of Colonel Hugh Mercer, and was called Mercer's Fort, see Brown, No. This was followed by Fort Pitt, which took several years to build. This is an anonymous manuscript map with annotations by George Washington done circa 1780 per Sellers & van Ee #1332. There is a name 'Livingston, Roggen & Co.' printed at right, but whether this is the printer or an ad is not known. The Late War is the French and Indian War which ended circa 1763. The Pennsylvania Railroad comes down Liberty Avenue to a depot at the Point. This later view shows a Point bridge extending across the Allegheny River to the North Side. This is the form of the fort begun in 1759 and the foundations and a surviving blockhouse can be seen today at Point State Park in Pittsburgh. There are no Point bridges, one bridge across the Mon called the Suspension Bridge. There are few earlier large scale maps of the region because there was nothing there of interest. The north has been cropped in this view to center Pittsburgh, which is the county seat. The verso has a gazetteer of streets and buildings. The map folds into the 7 x 4 inch paper cover shown containing pages with a street index which is continued onto the map. This tiny 6 x 7 inch map is an early one from Amoco. The earliest regional map appears to be the manuscript Mercer's Map (#1753.1) and there are a few manuscript maps of Fort Duquesne built 1754-55, see the 1750s pages for the existing maps. This map is interesting for the variety of street grids shown as the city expands outward. The map folds into a 6.25 x 4 inch paper cover and is undated but believed to date circa 1915-20. It was intended to show the location of their gas stations. This print appears on pages 112-113 of a Fortune Magazine from that year.

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