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Eventually, after searching various image databases, they decided on the current iteration.“Coincidentally, she also looks a lot like one of our colleagues,” revealed Mr Kwok.Not resting on their laurels, his team is constantly working with the third-party vendor to introduce features that might improve one’s experience engaging with the Government.Free directory of 14 sex, erotic and adult chatbots.

This prompted the team – comprising Ms Tay, as well as Director of Product Management Kwok Quek Sin, Senior Manager Lorraine Ong and Executive Manager Wongso Shianturi Wijaya - in January 2014 to award a tender to a vendor to help build Ask Jamie for Government agencies to give it a go.

Channel News Asia was given a sneak peek of the bot’s functionalities, which resembled the Quartz news app in that each query would prompt several options and users' choices would result in different replies.

The difference between this chatbot and Ask Jamie is that the former will have a “context-sensitive engine” so that it is better able to understand a user’s query when it is ambiguous, said Mr Kwok.

Most of our chatters are Chinese, Japanese, Filipino or Korean.

Chat with other Asians with similar interests and experiences.

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