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praveen ( PM): velli dengavey daanni praveen ( PM): lanja mundaa ki nee kasi thelisi ravaali deepika_toocute ( PM): ummmmm praveen ( PM): ??praveen ( PM): yemayinaa matlaadavey deepika_toocute ( PM): veltanu ee roju praveen ( PM): matlaadathaavaa??deepika_toocute ( PM): adi cheste gani cheppalenu praveen ( PM): ok praveen ( PM): daani chudidhar chunni theesi dress meedhu gaa daani sallu pisukuthuu daani pedhaalu korakaalani undhaa??praveen ( PM): lanja kaanaa deepika_toocute ( PM): adi vere cheppala.deepika_toocute ( PM): ummmmmmm praveen ( PM): daani guburu ni laagi daani pooku chuttu daani panty shape loo naalukatoh naakuthuu kelukuthuu untaavu adhi nee pooku peddhalani laagi gilli gilli vadhuluntundhi deepika_toocute ( PM): ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa praveen ( PM): daani guddhalooo nee veelu toh ke;lukuthuuu....

deepika_toocute ( PM): marem cheppamantav nannu praveen ( PM): naa gurinchi thelusu gaaa praveen ( PM): yemayinaa matladochhu gaa rechha gottelaa kasi gaa deepika_toocute (903 PM): sare cheppu deepika_toocute ( PM): ??

deepika_toocute ( PM): anukuntuna praveen ( PM): inka anthey kasi undhaa daanni guddalu lekundaa choosindhi praveen ( PM): ?

deepika_toocute ( PM): ummm deepika_toocute ( PM): enti em alochinchi kottukunnav praveen ( PM): yem ledhu praveen ( PM): velluntaavu ani chalaa anxitey gaa vachhanu praveen ( PM): :-) praveen ( PM): yentey ippudu nuvvu silent?? praveen ( PM): unnavaaa saaani lanjaaaa praveen ( PM): yenteyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy praveen ( PM): unnavaa???

ala korukutune undalani undi praveen ( PM): rojanthaa naa praveen ( PM): dress chimpesi praveen ( PM): lanjaaa deepika_toocute ( PM): ummmmm praveen ( PM): sare le nuvvu mood loo unnattu levu... sare ivala velli enjoy cheyyi le deepika_toocute ( PM): cheppara muskoni deepika_toocute ( PM): vintunna praveen ( PM): naaku kasi gaa yem undaddha.???

yedho joker gaadilaa vaaguthuu untaanu praveen ( PM): nee nundi response undadhu praveen ( PM): yemayina ante koppadathaavu deepika_toocute ( PM): vini enjoy chestunnanu praveen ( PM): naaku enjoyment undaddhaa??

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