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Jackson also contributes to Evils version of Son Of Mr.

Green Genes, which is not included here but will be imminently available from Cordelia and will give you a glimpse of the dazzling sounds that lurk in All That Glisters.

Cat-Cat's Band/All That Glisters I/All That Glisters II/When Car Keys Go Missing/Drips And Drops/All That Glisters III/All That Glisters IV/What's Brown And Sticky? (Or should that be his serious approach to semi-composition?

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This Joe Travers compilation could be seen as a sort of companion piece to the Zappa assembled Understanding America, though it is comprised of largely unreleased performances mostly on the Synclavier.

Tyrone Start The Tape () / King Kong () / Wonderful Wino () / Concentration Moon () / Mom & Dad () / The Air () / Dog Breath () / Mother People () / You Didnt Try To Call Me () / Agon - Interlude () / Call Any Vegetable () / King Kong-Igors Boogie () / It Cant Happen Here () / Sharleena () / The 23rd Mondellos () / Justine () / Pound For A Brown () / Sleeping In A Jar () / Sharleena () / "A Piece Of Contemporary Music () / The Return Of The Hunchback Duke (including: Little House I Used To Live In, Holiday In Berlin) () / Cruising For Burgers () / Lets Make The Water Turn Black () / Harry, Youre A Beast () / Oh No-Orange County Lumber Truck () / Call Any Vegetable () / Mondellos Revenge () / The Clap (Chungas Revenge) ()For those reared on the original Flo & Eddie-era albums, this is a bit of an eye opener in that their parts are more constricted, allowing the musicians to fly much more.

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