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And like Rose, you can (and should) turn to past experiences for inspiration.

Maybe you were a lifeguard as a teenager and always wanted to give that cute swimmer mouth-to-mouth.…It's definitely hotter when you're living a fantasy you always wished would happen IRL.2.

), do you want a verbal reaming or a light spanking on the butt?

Rose M., a 28-year-old from Vancouver, British Columbia, who works at a luxury-car dealership, tells me her favorite scenario is that of the naughty housekeeper (she suggests going with the obvious by bending over a little too far in your frilly black-and-white skirt to dust something).C., says, "I actually think it's really hot to lie in bed and talk about fantasies and turn-ons," she says."But another thing my boyfriend and I have done is e-mail fantasies back and forth—I send him one, he sends me one.If that's the case, that's a whole other story.) Once you've brought up the what, it's time to explain the why—and yes, sorry, this part is nonnegotiable! If you want to have a truly sexy experience, you have to describe what it is about that particular scenario that gets you going (the better you explain your fantasy, the more likely it is to come to life in a way that gets you off rather than makes you feel weird).Telling your partner that you have a doctor fantasy isn't enough—through no fault of your partner's, you could find yourself in the company of Dr. "Maybe a doctor is sexy to you because he's in control but generally clinical and sort of cold, so the idea of roiling his passion through your desirability is sexy," says Kerner.

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