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This chart uses special alghorithm which determines the number of daily active users (DAU), message quality and quantity, many other things are taken into consideration too.

Today, the Internet is full of chat rooms; there's Chatroulette, where users can video chat with another randomly selected user, or anonymous chat rooms like Omegle.

Without a subscription at least as high as the Preferred account, members on Wolfhome do not have this capability.

Many users with Free or Standard subscriptions have to keep their own lists of the people they befriend on Wolfhome, either in the “About Me” section of their information visible to other users, or simply in a text document on their personal computer.

As you go higher in subscriptions, more avatars become available for use, as well as the ability to upload custom-drawn avatars and poses of your own.

As a member of Wolfhome, you also have the ability to customize the color of your avatar's colors in “The Bodyshop" portion of the chat room map.

Every chat room is watched over and visited by the Administration - Alphas, Gammas and Betas - of the website, appointed members with the task to monitor conversations for mature language, inappropriate behavior or role play and bullying or disrespecting other users.

The Admins have the ability to remove other Wolfhome users from rooms or, if necessary, ban them from the site altogether.

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Roleplay in other rooms is technically not allowed, and members may be warned about it if an Admin is in the room supervising or if the other users in the chat room find it bothersome.

Each avatar has basic poses that the user can switch by clicking on themselves during chat, including sitting, laying down, sleeping, growling, playing and laughing.

Among the free avatars, the jackal has the biggest variety of poses.

The majority of chat rooms on Wolfhome are open to all users, no matter what subscription.

Each room features a different, unique background to pose your avatar in and interact with others; examples include Coyote Mesa, Forest Cave, Kindergarten and Sandy Shore.

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