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I have absolutely nothing to complain about :-) Отель Bethlehem расположен в центре Вифлеема, в нескольких минутах ходьбы от площади Мангер.

В современных номерах предоставляется бесплатный Wi-Fi, а в ресторане отеля накрывают завтрак "шведский стол". В непосредственной близости от отеля находятся многочисленные магазины и музеи.

Bethlehem's chief economic sector is tourism, which peaks during the Christmas season when Christians make pilgrimage to the Church of the Nativity, as they have done for almost 2,000 years.

We arranged tickets for Christmas Eve mass in Bethlehem and the hotel were kind enough to collect the tickets in Jerusalem for us, as we could not arrive in time. We got a room at the 11th floor with the most amazing view over Bethlehem. The staff was very friendly and the breakfast was great.

The town was known as Beit Lachama, meaning "House of Lachama." The Philistines later established a garrison there. Archaeological confirmation of Bethlehem as a city in the Kingdom of Judah was uncovered in 2012 at the archaeological dig at the City of David in the form of a bulla (seal impression in dried clay) in ancient Hebrew script that reads "From the town of Bethlehem to the King," indicating that it was used to seal the string closing a shipment of grain, wine, or other goods sent as a tax payment in the 8th or 7th century BCE.

that the pronunciation of the name remained essentially the same for 3,500 years, but has meant different things: "'Temple of the God Lakhmu' in Canaanite, 'House of Bread' in Hebrew and Aramaic, 'House of Meat' in Arabic." A burial ground discovered in spring 2013, and surveyed in 2015 by a joint Italian-Palestinian team found that the necropolis covered 3 hectares (more than 7 acres) and originally contained more than 100 tombs in use between roughly 2200 B. It is first mentioned in the Tanakh and the Bible as the place where the matriarch Rachel died and was buried "by the wayside" (Gen. Rachel's Tomb, the traditional grave site, stands at the entrance to Bethlehem.

In 985, the Arab geographer al-Muqaddasi visited Bethlehem, and referred to its church as the "Basilica of Constantine, the equal of which does not exist anywhere in the country-round." In 1009, during the reign of the sixth Fatimid Caliph, al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah, the Church of the Nativity was ordered to be demolished, but was spared by local Muslims, because they had been permitted to worship in the structure's southern transept.

In 1099, Bethlehem was captured by the Crusaders, who fortified it and built a new monastery and cloister on the north side of the Church of the Nativity.

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