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New red-light cameras were also part of Mayor Jim Watson’s re-election campaign in 2016.

The fine for red-light running is 5, with going to the province as a victim surcharge and charged as a service fee.

“While the province has amended the legislation to permit issuing violation notices to out-of-province-plated vehicles, the city is still working on a process to access Quebec vehicle databases to be able to issue violations,” according to traffic services manager Phil Landry.

Landry said the city will be able to issue violations to Quebec-plated vehicles beginning sometime in the first three months of 2017. Keith Egli, chair of council’s transportation committee, said the province granted the city the power starting this year, but not the tools to go after Quebec drivers. Staff from the traffic, finance, legal and information technology departments are developing a solution, Egli said.

The young woman said in the social media post the investigation went nowhere and she claimed she ultimately lost her job because the politician was an old friend of the restaurant owner.

She said she has been marked for life by the event — both physically and psychologically.

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Still, the city is collecting a good sum from the tickets doled out to Ontario drivers. The additional tickets in 2015 are equal to 3,400 in fines. When the camera catches a motorists running a red light, the images are sent to a central centre in Toronto to be verified.

It says “you are important without a doubt…you are not alone,” quoting the victim of Stanford rapist Brock Turner, a high profile sexual assault case in the U. The university said there are three organizations on campus, which can provide counselling and support to students.“We want to tell the community and the victims that all our hearts are with them today and we invite them to contact us and we want them to know that all the resources are there for them,” said Laval University spokesperson André-Anne Stewart.

Police said they have identified three possible suspects in their 20’s but no arrests have been made.

At a Universite Laval vigil Wednesday evening in support of victims of alleged sex crimes at a student residence, a young woman said she had been assaulted while working as a hostess at a Quebec City restaurant in the summer of 2014.

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, the woman wrote the alleged aggressor was a Liberal member of the legislature. Police investigation went nowhere: claim She wrote that the sitting politician allegedly blackmailed her to not pursue the complaint, but that she ended up filing one with police a year later.

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