College sex and dating

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With so many different types of guys around, it's tempting to sample them all! Hookups can be fun, but a lot of times they're mini bombs that explode in one of two ways: into a relationship (rare!), or into misunderstanding, hurt, or just thin air.When you get someone’s number, you get excited, no matter how cool you try to act. Trying to replicate a sexual experience through text is a waste of time and it makes everyone uncomfortable. Now that everyone’s a mature adult over the age of 18, you imagine having creative and romantic encounters with mature college men and women.

What if that hot econ major has anger issues or a closet cocaine addiction?

They’re not looking for just any mate–they’re looking for that perfect soul mate.

After hearing every set of parents discuss how they met and fell in love, kids have a perception that their ideal fantasy hook-up can and will happen. When adults reflect back on how they fell in love with their partner, they tell you an abbreviated 10-minute version of a story that took them 20 years (multiply by 525,600 to see how many minutes) to live through.

While kids and teenagers envision a place where they can run wild and free, adults look back at it as a valuable experience where they learned the necessary lessons to prepare for life. Dating has its own misconceptions, and dating in college gets even crazier.

If you’re looking for real talk about sex, dating, and love in college, look no further.

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    Simply meet them for coffee or something stronger after work to see if there's any chemistry.

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    Even good changes are difficult, and sometimes even sad. “When I became an adult, I gave up childish things….” It’s no easier to mature in our spiritual lives. Newly made, I know myself anew— not by my falterings, but by your flame in me.

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