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It seems to me that a case like the one supa geek described would come up against similar issues...Sorry, Richard, I don't think that this is exactly the same situation.Whenever anyone asked him a hypothetical question starting with "Could you be charged if you...", he would smile broadly, look the person in the eye, and say, "It depends". It depends on the jurisdiction, the exact circumstances, and probably on what mood the judge is on the day of trial, if it gets that far.A charge for corruption of a minor doesn't sound impossible to me, but I'm not an expert.Can someone get busted for having cyber sex with a minor, if there is no exchange of pictures and it is all done online?I know there have been cases of police officers posing as kids and busting people online, but IIRC they usually don't get busted unless there is an attempt to set up a real life meeting.

So the policewoman asked him to imagine that he'd killed the woman in question (whose name was Rachel Nickell).

The policewoman and the suspect exchanged letters and she encouraged him to write to her about his sexual fantasies.

Apparently he wrote something fairly mild about outdoor sex, so she encouraged him to come up with violent fantasies.

Let's say a parent finds their child in the middle of a conversation with said adult.

I think they would certainly WANT to lay charges in this case.

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