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Thank you very much in advance."I'd tie myself up to a tree," he told Dr.

Born in 1946, Gerard Schaefer was raised in Wisconsin until 1960, when he and his family moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Schaefer did not get on well with his father, who he believed favored his sister.

In his teens, Schaefer became obsessed with women's panties and also became a peeping tom, spying on a neighbor girl named Leigh Hainline.

He would later admit to killing animals in his youth and also cross dressing, although at other times he claimed the latter was solely to avoid the draft into the Vietnam War (which he did indeed managed to escape.)After graduating high school in 1966, Schaefer studied at college, during which time he got married.

His next goal was a teaching job, through which he hoped to instill "American values" like "honesty, purity, unselfishness and love," but Schacfer was twice dropped from student~teaching programs for "trying to impose his own moral and political values on his students." The second time, supervisor Richard Goodhart recalls, "l told him when he left that he'd better never let me hear of his trying to get a job with any authority over other people, or I'd do anything 1 could to prevent t.

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He abducted them, took them to some remote woods and tied them to trees where he threatened to kill them or sell them into prostitution.While he was convicted of murdering "only" two victims, he was suspected of many others.Schaefer frequently appealed against his conviction, yet privately boasted both verbally and in writing of having murdered over thirty women and girls.Schaefer was charged with only two murders, those of Place and Jessup.In October 1973, Schaefer was found guilty and given two life sentences.

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