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This post looks at several services in this area (I have covered off TV & marketing inside social game platforms before a few times!) and at the end a contextual presentation that has many examples of Social TV delivered via web browsers. Why do we need to socialize the traditional TV ‘set’ experience, a quote from News Corp’s COO Chase Carey “We have an ad-supported business model that doesn’t work.

We now know when our attention is required, especially those inciting moments when emotion or serendipity may be possible.

(UPDATE: Added above the intro slides to the Social TV panel and below some classifications – as the result of a couple of interviews on this topic needing some breakdown!

) Social TV has 7 simple classifications BOXi is an interactive quiz show with impressive 3D animations.

We need to get value for our great event product like the NFL and ‘American Idol’,” Carey said.

“We need to build new distribution models in a digital world that generate real value for our product.” Many broadcasters now realise that communities around their shows make real economic sense.

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