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This feature is already available on i OS 9 equipped devices, but it's new to the desktop version of Photos.Keen photographers might not have paid i Photo much attention in the past, but Photos is different.

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Luckily the app has no annoying adverts to get in the way (a nuisance of some of the others, see below).

Apple's old i Photo app could be configured to use an external editor like Photoshop or Elements, but its replacement, Photos, could not.

You were stuck with the editing tools in Photos unless you worked on your images with external apps and added them to Photos at the end – or manually exported them, worked on them, and re-imported them (groan).

Any extensions installed so far will show on the drop-down menu and you select the one you want. This opens the new Extensions panel in the System Preferences.

You select Photos from the list of apps on the left, and select from the list of available Extensions on the right.

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