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Users use their personal profile to type a set of "rules", which often look like the final draft for a new constitutional amendment, but essentially just list ways you can get the user to ban you, such as: These users are always basement-dwellers who have nothing to do but sit around banning anyone who violates any of their 3,494,195 rules.More anal than Wikipedos, yet even the rules may be unwritten, policies unspoken, and the most arbitrary of all things being enforced.You will find at all times men and women looking to chat, meet, or just looking for some free entertainment.

Only long distance charges apply if you don't have unlimited long distance, a cell phone, or Vo IP.When calling for help it is similar to AOL because you always get a fucking towelhead.Its unfuckingbelieveable that you can not get one fucking AMERICAN to help your ass out.It is notorious for it's IRC-esque chat room network, as well as the overblown, immature & unwarranted attention sparked by the retarded dramas that occur on a virtually day-to-day basis thanks to burnout hipsters with no life & an inevitably bleak future ahead of them.Notable channels include INDIE, Black Metal , Hardcore/punk, food, INDUSTRIAL, Breakcore, noise, IDM, and a million other pointless fucking chat rooms full of useless weirdos.

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