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We wanted to check out a spot or two down there, and I wanted to see how the ramp was working. Well we are now fully five months since the big fish kill here in the Veleno. It is agenda driven, with many a "good ol boy" having come and gone thru the system.. At least it looks that way from where I'm sitting.. And the winning weight was somewhere around what I figured.. And on my first cast I caught a 8-2 on a crankbait.. And I wanted to check out the water level on the Dolly Parton rocks so I cruised up there. They caught the fish good off the rocks on the dam.. I think they did mention that they lost a few baits.. It might not get us out of the Union, but at least you can wear your opinion on your chest..

Yesterday Jay and I went and launched at the state park. We fished some notorious spots with little to no luck, and we even went as far back in Krueger creek as you can go, flipping the woods. I'm embarrassed to say it, but if you are having trouble getting bit on these high sky days.. Maybe the SL program can go Detroit Lions this year.. Surely someone minnow fishing will have one swallow a crappie.. But you can rest assured that there are just not many of them out there.. How many kills and spills are there a year in Texas? Especially if it takes five freakin months and counting to issue a report.. With a topheavy salary system, management that asks first what will look the best to the public, and little regard for the actual mechanics of what will improve hunting and fishing in the state of Texas.. I'm not gonna call them spectacular, but they were decent.. I idled around the corner to the point just north west of the ramp, where the next boat ramp will soon be appearing. I caught a few more on that rock ledge, but none of em were keepers.. I stopped and looked at a ledge around marker nine, but the sidescan didn't show me anything to get excited about. I talked to some guys last week that were here from Mississippi.. And after watching the news about Britain and Brexit, I have come up with a T-Shirt for Texans that have had enough of imperial rule.. I'm aging faster than a glass of milk at room temperature..

Unless a bunch of water gets here soon, we are going to be basically missing a year class this spring.. And it is not an uncommon occurrence down here at Falcon. After all, two years ago he was a liberal supporting liberals.. But Happy New Year, and I reckon it will be this week before the masses truly get back to work.. Sooner or later you are going to catch a big fish.. I really believe that it is your best shot at a monster.. He took me last week and we murdered em on some of his brush piles.. Not a radical change by any means, but before too long we should see our water cool off a bit. Well you better have some new string on them reels.. I just don't have time to catch all these fish myself... Uvalde Bass Club was in town last weekend, and they whacked them pretty good.. The crappie are doing pretty good as well, and the folks that chase them seriously have been having their way with them. Try a eighth ounce jig head with something in Electric Chicken.. I don't know who came up with the color, but the name itself evokes greatness.. Some sixties holdover, acid droppin hippie must have invented it in a flashback from some really groovy trip.. But I never thought up anything as cool as Electric Chicken.. Last time I had the maid do it and my Ol Lady got all pissed off.. A lot of those fish that were loaded in the backs of the river creeks have moved out to main river points. We caught a few dinks and a three pounder but the wind was a factor and we agreed that we would both enjoy a little less of the balancing act we were doing fishing in the gale.. And if there is a classic pattern in the summer on Falcon, getting behind a windblown gravel point and dragging a plastic or a crankbait across it is about as good as it gets. Last weekend San Antonio Bass Club was in town, and they smacked the fish pretty good. Jay had invited me to go with him and his web man Danny, with the intention of doing some filming, fishing, and flying.. Sugar is a place you need to get to before to long if you are into close proximity Mexico fishing.. I'll be doing a report in the Mexican Lakes section in the near future.. We will be doing this again in two weeks on the evening of the 7th.. So don't burn your fingers with your fireworks and come out and join us if you are in the neighborhood.. That included the big bass of the night that went 10.07. In second was Tom Haralson and Pancho Benavides with 15.48, and in third was Robert and Susan from Amigo Inn with 13.84.

There should be a group of fish on the nest as we speak.. Although currently there is nothing for the fry to hide in.. He is the most narcissistic son of a gun I have ever seen.. But what I find interesting is the fear and hate for Donald Trump by the left.. I reckon they think he is going to set up some interment camps for the lesbians, gays, queers, transvestites, trans genders, actors and actresses, black lives matter members, all other women that are not a part of any of the other groups mentioned here, anarchists, illegal immigrants, college students, thirty year olds living in their parents basements, and lazy rich white kids with their cell phones attached to their noses.. If this year goes by as fast as the last week then we'll have this conversation again pretty damn quick.. Follow some creek channels and concentrate on the outside creek bends.. The community holes near the dam are collecting a lot of the better fish these days.. Scrape the rocks with a 6XD or DD-22 or a Deep Spro.. Limits have been pretty easy on brush piles and concrete and in some places on deeper ledges.. If you want to go out and whack a bunch of them, give Tom Haralson a call.. We have not really had what you would call a cool front down this way just yet.. And I reckon we are going to get some more on Thursday.. In short, you can come down here and pretty much catch fish your way. I never did any acid, but if you could get to it by pullin a cork, I have tried it.. I had a buddy with me and we started out in some dirty water in the river above the Salado. So we headed into the Salado and stopped inside the mouth about a half mile and fished some gravel bars with good drop offs behind them. And while they were screwing with the hi-tech gadgetry, I was going old school on the fish.. We caught so many three to five pound fish that it would be a full time job just counting.. When they made me quit I had five fish on in a row.. But I think this thing may get some wheels under it.. Last night it took a pretty good stringer to win, as the team of of Pena and Pena brought in three fish for 17.91 pounds.

Haven't been able to put both hands on my manhood in over a week.. I still say that the spawn is the toughest time of year to fish.. Especially if you add in all the changes we have had in water temps and levels for the last month.. But it appears that the bigger fish liked the hard baits better last weekend.. She had loose lips, and liquid hips, as Ray Wylie Hubbard would say.. But as it turned out, she was in love with Dirty Sanchez.. But before we left, we had to hit a spot that is pretty much old faithful.. I guess the current that is generated gets em turned on.. I crossed the bridge in Roma yesterday and the river is running. You can also catch some fish right now on a crankbait.

The forecast for the next seven days looks too good to be true.. Yesterday the water at the state park was about 63.5°, and while that sounds warm, a few degrees up will really help the spawn come along.. Disco Violet invented by Zoom is an interesting color. She had more moves than Ex-Lax and I really had it bad for her.. You damn sure need to be keeping an eye out for hardwoods when running in there.. And I got lucky and caught the big fish of the day that went 6-10. We also caught a good number of fish that were mostly all keepers. Flipping hardwoods in two feet of water can catch you some fish.. They have started pulling water again and these fish seem to sense it and for whatever reason they seem to really strap on the feedbag. Maybe alien ships are coming down at night and hauling it off.. I will make an announcement on this page by Tuesday whether we are going to fish or not..

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If you have ever heard the joke about Hurricane Gussie then you can relate.. Not that you couldn't catch one anywhere, on anything, on any cast.. That's some fun shit and you can't get any better eating than a fresh fried crappie.. October 10, 2016: It was a nice weekend around here.. Saturday there was a north wind and it was a bit tough, but yesterday they had great stringers.. Second sixteen and change and third right at fifteen.. I heard that a lot of the fish were caught a bit deeper, in the ten to fourteen foot range.. There have been some cool names of baits, and colors of baits in the past. Of course the only cover on them is some old hardwoods, but that makes the target areas pretty easy to pick out. I have had to rethink my preference for the "Falcon Green" that I love to fish with the falling water levels, high winds, and exposed mud banks. I was throwing a 5XD in Citrus Shad (Ain't everybody) and caught about a four pounder right off the bat. They fish a three fish format, and it took over eighteen pounds on Saturday to be in the lead. There were a few other nice fish weighed, but not a lot to go with em.. TPWD finished up our Florida LMB stocking this week, with another load of over 200,000 fingerlings that were stocked around the state park. The water we caught really helped the ramps though, and launching is fine at both ends of the lake.. We also fished a couple of spots in the Salanaias, and there were several boats in there as well.. But a late day rally made us feel a little better.. I wonder if this will be the year that not one gets turned in.. I wonder what a guy's day at the kills and spills team at PAW consists of.. It is certainly more of a political machine than an agent for the sportsman.. I reckon you saw the results from the Bass Champs tournament last weekend. I did expect that there would be three or four thirty pound bags.. I fished Tuesday up the Salado, and the water looked pretty crappy.. The fish we did catch were nice chunky three to four pounders.. I'm going out a bit later for a boat ride down south and a maybe a little fishing.. Every year at this time we have the same conversation in the store.. So I hitched up the boat and damn near had to put lights on it before I drove off. If you can stand the heat and can fish in the wind, the fishing is good.. You know when summer rolls around I have to come up with something to keep me from getting bored.. Like I just erased what I had typed for thirty minutes.. And then I erased my entire local copy of this page.. We'll see what the next few days bring in releases from Falcon. Other than a few fat crappie we ran into in the Tigers.. Maybe they are as confused as we are with the conditions changing what seems like daily.. Here we are four months into Sharelunker season and still not one fish over thirteen pounds has been turned in across the state of Texas.. Maybe some have been caught that we haven't heard about.. "No man, having caught a large fish, goes home thru the alley.." It usually takes me badmouthing the SL program to make one show up.. I just threw you a hanging slider at 86 way up in the zone.. It is a beauracratic and political minefield with no oversight except that which they decide to put on themselves.. Currently there is no clear water above the number eight marker.. Once you get down to Pierce's or so it starts looking pretty darn good.. That was surrounded by a group of fish that we couldn't catch all of.. It was hot and windy and we got off the lake and went and had a few beers.. Yesterday was not my day to open, but it is hard to turn off that internal alarm clock, and I was wide awake at . So let me rewrite what I so meticulously typed and hour ago.. There were a bunch of nice fish caught, in the five to six pound range.. Congrats to the winners and again I'd like to thank The Bass Nation for picking Falcon and Zapata for your tournament. I don't care if it is bright enough to blind a bear.. Maybe you can be one of the many that have said, "Son of a Bitch! " And hopefully, before too long, I'll see you on the water! But my thoughts are, what if we have a couple more dry years? And here's a pic of how it looks a couple of days ago.. With falling water levels and exposed muddy banks and winds higher than Lindsey Lohan, what can you expect. John Adami and Al Greene got ito a mess of schooling fish.. I even fixed a reel for someone and I had swore I wouldn't ever do it again.. But not a lot of folks were able to string a pile of them together. You guys were great to visit with and on behalf of Zapata businesses, and especially Falcon Lake Tackle, Thank you! And I see all these "protestors" holding up signs saying, "Build Bridges, Not walls." A quick google search brings up thirty five bridges in the state of Texas alone.. Maybe we can close some bridges, and take the money saved to build the wall? If you point a light at someone that has a gun, do you think they might know where you are?? They might not have seen the commercial about the flashlight.. With my luck, if I turned it on, two seconds later I'd hear some techno music, and then Miley Cyprus would show up, in some unwashed spandex underwear, last worn by Elton Jon, and start twerking in the beam.. February 17, 2017: It's no secret that the Texas Bass Nation is in town this week.. February 10, 2017: In the last couple of days the fish have gone apeshit.. What are they going to do when it won't run out anymore? Please join me in praying for some timely and well located rain. Yesterday was 107° with a nice cooling south wind at about twenty five.. But if you didn't have those gusts, how in the world would you keep cool? Of course this thing has been photographed more times than Marilyn Monroe.. What you can expect is areas that have a lot of rocky banks to be much clearer. You might try chunking a shallow crank on some of those windblown rocks. There's only one nut you could put a socket on, on an entire reel..

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