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Kochi: The hackers from Kerala on Thursday revealed that they had defaced a job portal alleging that the website was involved in fraudulent practice.They also leaked the details saying that the monthly transaction of the website sometimes touched Rs 3.6 crore.Another transaction shows Rs 6.4 crore as the total amount. “This website is made to look like a genuine job search portal but dubious jobs were listed on site.These scammers used to call people to sign up on their website for jobs, after which they ask people to pay Rs 5000- Rs 7000 for interviews, the hackers alleged.The controversial app gained 20,000 users in its first week.

he 'Kiss of Love' organisers had earlier restricted the couple from participating in their events.Rahul and Resmi were also not invited for the first anniversary of the November 2014 protest at Marine Drive, Kochi, that took place earlier this month." The reason why we choose a kiss as the mode of protest - it was a simple answer to the fascists who attacked a restaurant just because a couple kissed there.The answer was "We will kiss even on the road -if my partner and I are willing, who the hell are you to bother?The hackers Forbidden Hacxer and GH057_R007x belonging to KCW posted a mirror site of the hacked website.They claim that they had received complaints from several persons about the 'fraud.' They also provided several consumer complaints posted on the internet against the company.

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