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Some Chinese are Christians though, and they colour their pussies red for Easter.

Dieyucks in East Malaysia are mostly Christians and worship any kind of cross.

Terrorists supposedly make up 2% of country's population, although their existence has yet to be confirmed, as most of them had moved to Indonesia following the fall of Suharto's New Order, an Indonesian band created in 1966.

Ethnicity is such a big issue in Bolehland that it is the only countries is the world that require information about your "race" when you sit for a national exam.

The Bumis complain that the new Malaysians are stealing all their jobs, raping their daughters – that right is reserved for horny uncles only – and committing numerous crimes.

The Bumis don’t want to do any of the hard work themselves and are too afraid to blame fellow “true” Malaysians so they blame the honest, hardworking immigrant. " Being black in Malaysia carries a mandatory death penalty and every black entering the country will get arrested and hanged within 3 hours.

More accurately, Rempitism is a subreligion of Islam that practices racing motor cycles.

Certain Muslims follow the sacred doctrine of Rempitism while others choose terrorism.

Then came the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Japanese, Freedonians, Bordurians, Elves, Trolls, Jins and then British again who took advantage of the Malay's propensity for public holidays and invaded on a non-working Saturday.

However satirical they may seem, these are real life 1Malaysia projects, designed solely with the bumiputra's well-being in mind.

1Toilet aspires to abolish the gender binary and separation of female and male toilets, encouraging more people to engage in kinky toilet inter-racial sex and erotic tranny cross-dressing culture.

Freedom as in "Free to join Islam, death to the infidels".

Malays generally embrace Islam because their Sultan did it, over 9000 years ago.

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