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Don't get me wrong I love going on cam, showing off a bit etc but more in flirty manner rather than rubbing my pussy at a thousand miles an hour lol. I did search the cafe and hope this doesn't repeat any previous threads.

But I do find it extremely sexy watching a guy smile as we flirt in whisp and I love having a wee perv at a fit guys chest lol. Ruth xx I used to wonder about this but then I had a friend round to my place because she couldn`t get on line at home.

I was so Here was this guy, naked, wanking for me ops: Then i found out he was showing to anyone who viewed his cam I did find it a turn on then, but over the years of weird and wonderful things on the net......less and less shockable.

It’s not uncommon for a sex addict to want nothing more to do with a sexual partner once the activity is over.

hmmmm now there's a thought I once rang Jay from being out somewhere and he said he was having a tug (isn't that word just horrible??!! I got so turned on I had to get home, I was well and truely ready except he'd gone and finished! they won't do it when i want don't have a cam so i know it's a bit frustrating for someone who wants to see us too. but then i don't go in the chat rooms, this is in private chat.whips Ben so true that it takes all types. And to be honest I have tried mutual wanking if that is the right term and can be sexy in person.

But not really my top thing lol.cheers for the comments Ruth xx First time i saw a guy wanking was on yah** messenger years ago.

While some people mistakenly think that hypersexual disorders and sex addiction merely refers to an unusually high sex drive, it is much more complex than that.

It is very similar to other addictions, which is evident upon closer examination of the various sex addiction signs.

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