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If most first-time visitors hang around for 50 seconds before bouncing off, you might want to proactively chat with them at the 45th second.Similarly, you can create a trigger on the checkout page that automatically asks customers if they need help after a few minutes have passed.This will minimize the number of chats you receive and also encourage customers to upgrade to VIP status.If you’re not sure about who should get support, it’s a good idea to do a trial deployment for different groups of customers (e.g., potential vs. Note that while gating chat access can be a good idea at first, it can limit your future sales potential.Chat is a great tool for qualifying leads, closing deals, and rescuing customers who are having problems.If chat is restricted to only a small group of people, you might be missing out on a big opportunity.There are two ways agents can interact with customers over chat: reactively or proactively.Reactive chat occurs when a customer clicks on the chat widget to start a chat and an agent responds.

If you don’t have prior experience deploying chat, it’s a good idea to start with reactive chat before deploying it proactively.Not only will this affect your CSAT, it can also impact your chat volume.However, it’s usually not a good idea to roll out chat to every potential contact point on the first day.Volume is unpredictable and a lack of trained chat agents could very easily lead to frustrated customers.To manage the initial volume of chat, it’s best to roll it out to a few key pages (e.g., checkout, main support page, and FAQ) before expanding.

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