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Aunty Rohaiyah burrowed her searching tongue into Harlina's ear, and stroked the smooth silky flesh of her back kissed and gently bit her long creamy neck, humming low senseless husky sounds murmuring into Harlina's ear.

Aunty Sutinah pulled down aunty Rohaiyah's moist panties down her stout and creamy thighs.

She rolled it between her fingers and pulled it hard.

The pleasure of getting sucked both her boobs at the same time was driving aunty Rohaiyah crazy and extremely horny.

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Aunty Sutinah pulled with her soft wet lips on aunty Rohaiya's thick brown nipples until they shinned delightfully and became even harder and thicker.

Aunty Sutinah, aunty Rohaiyah and Harlina were gasping, writhing, by urgent desires and aunty Rohaiyah slipped her arms around Harlina's bare back and pulled the panting woman against her.

She felt Harlina's firm naked breasts mash and squirm together, her own tight nipples wet with Harlina's warm spittle.

Aunty Sutinah had told about Reymon to Rohaiyah and she was thrilled to see him. She had big boobs 40D as that of aunty Sutinah and a big butt. "Yeah I did that for her, now it is smooth, don't know how Rohaiyah is" Reymon said rubbing his hands on Harlina's back.

She had high cheekbones, long black hair, thick red lips and intoxicating eyes. "I love your thick bush dear, better don't shave or trim, leave it like that" he whispered.

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