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I decided I would go and browse around in the adult area chats for a bit and see what was going on there. I pulled up her profile and sure enough, it was my own mother. I decided to message her and see what I could find out.

I went in and out of a couple of rooms before I came across one named "Moms and Sons". I couldn't decide what to type, so I did the lame "Hey, what's up? Hardly anyone responded to that kind of a lame start to a message.

We finally found one that wanted to chat, so Tim and I took turns talking with her. Tim opened a file manager and went in to one of his folders and sent out a picture. The next thing I knew there was a picture of some 50 year old guy naked with an erection plastered across the screen. " Tim explained how each folder contains pictures of the guys that Chris talks with or meets up with online.

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Things were pretty normal until about 9, when Chris said he was going out for a while. "OK, Cool", was all we replied and he was out the door. "Chris doesn't have any restrictions on his account, so we can browse anywhere we want" "Awesome!

The picture that arrived from her was even sweeter then before.

" "Not that I know of, he wasn't home when we took them". But I had to remind myself that she didn't know it was me. OK, most of us try not to imagine our parents having sex.

Shortly after school let out for the summer, I arranged to stay over at my friend Tim's house for the weekend. I quickly looked through a couple and found a guy about my age that looked a little like me.

Tim's parents were going to be gone that week, but his older brother Chris was going to be around. The only difference between him and his younger brother is the fact he is gay.

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