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Now if the girl is like minded and has no issues in having casual sex with you, great, you just got laid and hooked up.

All you need is a safe and discrete place to unleash each other’s dark side and the deepest sexual desires for a satisfying casual sex.

[...] I have lived in Norway for a whole year now, and thoroughly enjoyed the country.

I could go on about climbing Pulpit Rock or the Geirangerfjord.

The second woman I meet up with now calls herself girlfriend.

She is painfully beautiful, intelligent and I love her.

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But before you get disappointed, here’s the thing- getting casual sex might not be as easy as ordering a pizza but it surely is as easy as going to a cafe restaurant, choosing your dish from the menu and then enjoying it to the fullest of contentment only this time (in casual sex), you don’t pay a single penny.I did not find this a problem, coming from a culture where woman pay for dates, and a man does the dishes.Just be aware, that a Norwegian woman was brought up as capable as you, she expects to be treated such.I guess neither one of us were very good at the casual part of the hook up, but no complaints here.I liked the no expectations place from which our relationship began, it allowed us to be ourselves long enough to fall in love.

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