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The wage system in Saudi-Arabia is completely based on the color of the employee’s passport. My experience is from the nursing field so I will talk more about that specifically.

Surprisingly, despite their higher wages, many westerners “run away” from their employers in KSA.

To illustrate the gross salary disparity, I drew up a totally fictional salary table of nurses working in Saudi-Arabia.

Some Asians (particularly Filipinos) knowing this, travel to Canada just to get the passport.

It’s the easiest country to obtain a passport from in just a few years.

In Saudi her salary will increase about 30% from this.

If the European were to get a comparative pay raise to the Asians, her salary would end up being something around 26,000 euros or 120,000SAR a month! By doing some more maths (which I suck at btw) I discovered that the Filipino who first went to Canada to get the passport, actually literally becomes a millionaire (but only in the Philippines) by just working a few years in the Kingdom! Do they think Saudi employees are not as efficient or highly trained as the western nurses and thus don’t deserve as much pay?

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