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New videos, new girls, new scenes and endless fapping.

The brain will never get enough and the only thing that stops it is ejaculation.

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Like the rat, this is your natural programming, which is why many people see marriage as un-natural, but I’m not going near that subject.

Rats mating with the same female also take much longer to ejaculate than with they are with multiple females. Essentially, the Coolidge effect causes declined sexual interest in the same sexual partner and increased sexual desire with multiple sexual partners.

If so, it's all here in our jerking off category for your horny enjoyment!You can find masturbation videos of all kinds including solo jerks, circle jerking, and mutual erotic fun!We all do it, so why not whack off while watching those who like to do it on camera in awesome solo male movies?Dopamine is the gas that turns the reward circuitry on. And the bigger the surge of dopamine a stimulus gives you, the more you want it. In the rats, the reward circuits were stimulated more and more with each new partner. The reward circuitry and dopamine levels become numb. Can someone fap once a week and have a healthy sex life? You have to close these pathways, rewire your brain and open new healthy pathways.And they don’t have a pre fontal cortex to stop it. In the synapses, the large volumes of dopamine being released causes the dopamine receptors to down regulate to account it. Ben, a long time reader of Menprovement has said that “this program could have been called a guide to quitting anything, it’s that powerful.” So I could tell you what most other sites tell you when it comes to quitting masturbation, but then you would likely fail like most guys do and be back to jacking off in a few months time.

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