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“Predators appeared to be totally trusting of Sweetie,” reported Terre des Hommes.“When the researchers interacted with predators without using Sweetie, predators often expressed the suspicion that the researchers were homosexual adult males trying to watch other men [pleasure themselves] on camera.Some of the children are sex slaves, victims of human trafficking. Her sole reason for existence is to talk to these men. She talks to them by the hundreds, day after day, and what’s more, she doesn’t mind it. The group, called Terre des Hommes, created her to combat webcam child sex tourism, which they say is a fast-growing problem that must be stopped before it gets too big to bring down.

Just think if she got divorced from her husband then this is India, here you know how society look at a girl who is divorced means no family will marry their son with a girl who is divorced so parents of your Gf will not able to find another good boy in their caste, so here your call starts if you are having a good job then her parents are definitely going to accept you.In the vast majority of cases, “Sweetie” never actually appeared on screen; all negotiations were made within the chat room.But for those who needed a little extra convincing, “Sweetie” proved remarkably effective.According to Terre des Hommes, this proves “predators can easily be identified using low-tech pro-active investigation techniques, even with very few resources.” For more about the “Sweetie” project and webcam child sex tourism: Watch a documentary on the project. My girlfriend got married 7 days back with someone else because her parents don't want as I am an Indian and caste system here is above from all , we decided to be a good friends ,last night I am feeling low and text her on Whats App we chatted 1hr, today I come to know that last few minutes of chat is done by her husband in which he try to instinct me so that I can share some secret , to my stupidness I share 1 couple pic of ours and said I will still marry you if we get chance.

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