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The crack is located on the Brunt Ice Shelf - a floating ice sheet that moves steadily towards the ocean where it occasionally calves - when chunks of ice break off glaciers to make an iceberg.In November and December, the crack was growing in length by as much as 600 metres per day.And at the six second mark, the first 'floating orb' (right) appears in the frame - with the rest of the fleet following shortly after.Martian researchers say NASA cut the footage moments after.The ballistic barrier is made up of twelve layers of Kevlar fibre and weighs only slightly more than a large suitcase, but it can completely stop projectiles from most common handguns.The winners of the 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year awards have been announced, with entrants hailing from 67 countries and submitting 4,500 images into the prestigious competition.

The trench measures 30 feet (9 metres) wide, 50 feet (15 metres) long, and 15 feet (4.5 metres) deep, and was started earlier this month.The super sonic jet is being sold as a multi-purpose single-seat fighter with both speed and agility.Unlike the F-22 and F-35, the Su-35s is not a stealth fighter and relies far more on dog fighting skills like older aircraft such as the F-16.The two Sentinel satellites are being used to monitor three cracks - the Halloween crack, which is now growing at 200 metres per day, and two other ice chasms.Researchers based at Michigan State University have developed the first stretchable circuit made using just an inkjet printer.

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