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My first thought is: no, I would never be able to sell my virginity… I don’t see the difference if she wants to “better her life” with new clothes, i Phone or whatever or maybe her situation is so bad that she really can’t see another solution. But as I said, I have never been in situation that was so bad to make me consider this kind of solution (I’m not talking about virginity only). Reply I think that’s the line of thought from a lot of people considering it – “I’ll lose my virginity at some point or another anyways, so might as well make some money to better my life.” I like what you said about not being in a position to *need* that much though – we’re very blessed! I absolutely think prostitution should be legalized and taxed.

You bring up a great point about how factual it might be. But, then again, if you’re looking for something like this on the internet anyway, would you be concerned about something like that? The younger me would have said yes because I was a very myopic young lass.

But if I had to choose between being the easy drunk girl at the back of the car or the millionaire virgin I think I’d go for the latest. Reply I can see that side of things :) One “by accident” and one “on purpose” though – I don’t imagine many woman going out and saying “tonight I think I’ll lose my virginity after getting drunk” although I don’t pretend to know now women think :) Reply Your blog and post titles are the reason I cannot read this stuff at work or public places HA!

(Most routers block your website, just an FYI) Anywho, a lot of these selling virginity women sound like a scam, because how do you know you will get what you paid for and how do you know the woman in the pictures is real?

And I’ve heard that there are quite a lot of people who are willing to pay for virginity – both as a sexual fetish (esp among sexual tourists in Asia), and because it’s one of the most pernicious falsehoods about AIDS that you can cure it by having sex with a virgin, which as an aside has made pedophilic rape (Google “Upington rape 9-month-old AIDS”… (Yes, one of my best friends works in the counter human trafficking trade, how did you know? But it would have to be enough so that I would never have to work again.

) Not to be the super big downer on an otherwise deliciously salacious story… But in the end I would simply find it too terrifying. I thought about selling my lip virginity, but I don’t think that would fetch a very high price.

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