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This week Amy Moffatt, 25, and Sarah Ireland, 26, were jailed for two years each at Isleworth Crown Court for burglary.

Moffatt and Ireland were filling up a car with petrol in Hayes, west London, on 12 May when they spotted a man in his 40s.

The scam involves a pretty girl chatting up a man and agreeing to go on a date.

By the time they arrived at the pub Moffatt had texted Ireland with the details of his address.(is owned by The Daily Beast's parent company, IAC.) Over the past few months, The Daily Beast has spoken to transgender people across the country about their romantic lives and experiences—whether it’s being turned down by partners or finding acceptance.Their answers are varied and wide-ranging, but they show a great deal in common: Dating cisgender men is a challenge, but cisgender women and other trans people are easier.Cayne has appeared as a judge and Dean of Dance on Ru Paul's Drag U.As a dance teacher, she taught contestants original choreography to "No Scrubs" by TLC and Kelis's song "Milkshake".

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