Submissive sex chats

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They want to be restrained, blindfolded, spanked, flogged, beaten or whatever their fetish is.

Once the sex act is over they go away happy until the next time.

In my every day life I run my own business and have done for a few years now.

The first thing to enter a submissive's mind when they wake is "what can i do to help Him/Her today" and the last thing through their minds when they go to sleep is the joy that they have served well.

These are men or women who want to play at being a submissive either real time or online.

For a few hours or minutes they will "play" the part of a submissive calling someone Master or Mistress in order to fulfil a fantasy they have.

While He's gone I do the assignments that He's given me, eat properly and rest when I need to, learn as much as I can about the Lifestyle.

You may say well this sounds like any normal marriage, and yes in a way it is like any other marriage other then one point ... He will take into account my likes and dislikes before choosing food, clothing, furniture, house or vehicle but the final word is His and I don't argue about it.

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