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I do not know if this was a good experiment or not.But those who want to find fault with Gandhi say that when looked at it from the woman’s angle, sleeping with him for an experiment of this nature could be a psychological disaster for her.But says Valampuri John, former MP: “She is a bundle of contradictions.There is a deep-rooted attitudinal problem which can be traced to her past.The worst case I heard was FBI director, Edgar Hoover, who collected information on gays while he himself was a closet gay man, the partner being his close assistant! Animals and humans have four pains: hunger, sleep, fear and sex.Therefore, politicians having excesses is to be expected, but the double game is what is dangerous.Otherwise, look at MPs of Sri Lanka parliament or even PC or PS members.Recently, I saw a cabinet minister proudly talking about love and women at a public meeting in the presence of his son, both enjoying the jokes. They publicly oppose gay marriages while having male sex partners in the bed room.

Despite rumors, unlike the other Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers, there is no direct evidence of social or private misbehavior of Jayalalitha.

MGR was honest about it and did not hide it.” According to Mohandas, a senior member of MGR’s household once told him that a soothsayer had said that the former chief minister should always have two wives at a time.

When MGR died in 1987, a power struggle ensued between wife Janaki and Jayalalitha.

More importantly, Anna married a 28 year old girl (Maniammai) when he was 72 and made her heir to the party leadership. when Periyar refused to stand in the democratic elections, Annadurai walked off the meeting in 1948. Karunanidhi spends the first half of his day with Dayaluammal, mother of four of his children.

Periyar’s marriage to Maniammai, who was 40 years younger than him, caused the final rift between him and Annadurai, who, in turn, walked out of his party and gave birth to his own party known as Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) in 1949, in partnership with Periyar’s nephew, E. The two women, Dayalu and Rajathi, live in separate houses with the chief minister alternating amiably between the two.

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