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There are telephone information and support lines, websites and support groups that have helped many parents to learn a little more about lesbian and gay sexualities.

You don’t have to wait until your son or daughter has talked about it before doing some research or talking with someone.

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Your child may be trying to deflect attention from their own feelings of being attracted to someone of the same sex.

Learning more about lesbian and gay young people may not only be helpful for you, but also better prepare you to support other parents in the same situation.

If you have religious objections to homosexuality, then it will be important to find the people within your own religious community who hold more inclusive views with regard to lesbian and gay sexuality. There are also support groups specifically for parents from different religious groups who have lesbian and gay children As a parent, it can suddenly feel like all your hopes and expectations for your child have been turned inside-out and you may worry about their future health and happiness.

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