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S: As far as I know, there is no legal requirement that you be a girl in order to read this.

Because it turns out there have always been, but we’re only just now realizing, girls who were born with penises.

G: I’ve heard some trans people don’t want you looking at it or acknowledging it, whatever is down there versus how they identify. “Protip: you know that cunnilingus symbol popular with high-schoolers, the tongue between the fingers in the v-shape?

He threw a book on sex at us and said we had two weeks to read it. I held little read-aloud sessions in the back with my friends. I completely support this, but why not “hand techniques for dick”? There’s an introduction that explains that different trans girls feel different ways about what they call what they have factory installed. S: And girl dick is one of them, but definitely talk to your partner about what they want things to be called, ’cause it’s significant. It’s got real practicalities, which is why they’ll pick it up… S: Yep, not like this (points at illustration), like this (points at other illustration).

What they’ve done, what Emmanuelle and Warner Bros did…never forget it. Of course, certain fans know why this tickled me and I found it so ironic. Not only that, the idea of hot brothers kicking monster ass entered my brain three years before I even wrote it, maybe four or five.

So counting the idea’s conception, that’s about nine-to-eleven years prior to the release of SPN on television. – …I would have had Sam save Dean from going to Hell and never done the Apocalypse–gotten rid of the whole angel demon thing except for Crowley and Castiel and I definitely wouldn’t have killed Gabriel/the Trickster, but that’s just me. It’s all definitely a shitload of irony and I’m still laughing.

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I already know who’s getting this book for Christmas. They’ve got some trans women, some people who do sex work, others with a lot of different life experiences. “How not to die in the most awkward but heroic way.” G: How not to die while you’re eating pussy. S: The safe sex part doesn’t come until the end, which is kind of good and kind of bad? What kind of relationship status do you have and what kind of agreements are you interested in? One or two things you like, one or two things you really don’t like.

G: It looks kinda like a Schmoo, or like one of the Bone brothers from Jeff Smith’s books, but with octopus legs. G: It’s not The Joy of Sex level of realistic illustration, it’s much more cartoony. S: There are sidebars written by different people coming from different places. There’s a page on disability and sex, and another on menopause and pregnancy and sex. Also, in the text she says she might be older than you and you might not know what it is, but she’s gonna tell you anyway. ” This book has some really sweet tips from sex nerds.

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