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One of its meanings refers to African-American folk magic.

Here is how i define the word "hoodoo": Hoodoo consists of a large body of African folkloric practices and beliefs with a considerable admixture of American Indian botanical knowledge and European folklore.

In this context, the word Judio (pronounced hoo-dyoh) does not refer to Judaism per se; it refers to the fact that the adherents of this subset of Palo are unconverted to Christianity -- they retain African symbolism in their practice and, like the Jews, they have refused to give themselves over to Christianity.

It is Eoghan's theory that the word hoodoo may derive from the special sense in which this Afro-Caribbean Spanish term Judio is used in Palo -- and would thus refer to African slaves who refused to renounce African customs and practices.

Salima Ikram is Distinguished University Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, and has worked as an archaeologist in Turkey, Sudan, Greece, and the US. She also participates in several other archaeological missions throughout Egypt. ) Ed(s), Montpellier: University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3, 211-28..“‘Canine Cults in Kharga Oasis: the Dogs of Dabashiya’,” in Le Myrte et la rose.

After double majoring in History as well as Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at Bryn Mawr College (USA), she received her M. She has lectured on her work all over the world and publishes in both scholarly and popular journals.“A Torso from the Gayer-Anderson Museum, Cairo,” in The Art and Culture of Ancient Egypt: Studies in Honor of Dorothea Arnold,, (A. Goelet) Ed(s), New York: The Egyptological Seminar of New York, 389-92., 389-92.“A Twenty-Second Dynasty Mummy Cartonnage in the Gayer-Anderson Museum,” in Another Mouthful of Dust: Egyptological Studies in Honour of Geoffrey Thorndike Martin, (J. Mélanges offerts à Françoise Dunand par ses élèves, collègues et amis, (G. Zivie-Coche (éds.)) Ed(s), Montpellier: CENIM, 349-55.“Evidence of desert routes across northern Kharga (Egypt’s Western Desert),” in Desert Road Archaeology in Ancient Egypt and Beyond., (Frank Förster Heiko Riemer ) Ed(s), Cologne: Heinrich-Barth-Institut, 265-82.“The Sacred Ram Mummies of Khnum from Elephantine in Egypt’,” in Der Widderfriedhof des Chnumtempels, Mit Beiträgen zur Archäozoologie und zur Materialkunde, (Elisabeth Delange and Horst Jaritz (eds.), ) Ed(s), Wiesbaden: 214-222.“A Ceramic Divinity for a Divine Ceramicist,” in Under the Potter's Tree.

In earlier times a "hoodoo ship" was a term applied to a "ghost ship," that is, one found drifting with no crew.

A remarkable blues song in which the word hoodoo is used as a noun, as an adjective, AND as a verb is "Hoodoo Lady Blues" by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, recorded in October 1947 for Victor Records.

(The transcription is by Gorgen Antonsson, [email protected], and Alan Balfour, [email protected]): "HOODOO LADY BLUES" Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup Believe I'll drop down in Louisiana, just to see a dear old friend of mine Believe I'll drop down in Louisiana, just to see a dear old friend of mine You know, maybe she can help me, durn my hard, hard time.

From there it became a more general term meaning a cursed or bad-luck ship.

T In early 20th century agricultural supplies, "hoodoo powder" was a compound applied to tree stumps to cause them to decay more 'rapidly -- again a reference to ghosts -- in this case the ghosts of dead trees. In contemporary Britain, hoodoo usually refers to a sports-jinx ("Tottenham Hotspurs banish Manchester United hoodoo").

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