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It’s been seven years since “Arrested Development’s” third season, and in the world inhabited by the Bluth family, just as much time will have passed when the series catches up with them in season 4.Michael Cera‘s George Michael and Alia Shawkat‘s Maeby Fünke are all grown up, and when IFC sat down with the actors behind the cousins-in-love during a recent press day with the cast, they said that their relationships with their family and with one another have changed in subtle ways.In some ways I wanted to reintroduce myself to these people and, at first, I kind of snapped back to being a teen again. My voice is higher, I’m being too polite, trying too hard to impress... “The first week I felt a little lost just because the scripts were kinda all over the place too and I had no idea where my character was going.For example, Will Arnett [who plays Gob] is someone I thought was hilarious and I would want to impress him as an adult, or just show him I could keep up with his sense of humour, which ended up with me just sitting there silently...” “Everyone, in a strange way, is very much the same, though. I’d have to say Portia [De Rossi; who plays on-screen mother, Lindsay] has changed a lot - I’d say for the better! I was a little nervous coming back because Maeby had evolved as I have as an actor and a person.The season consists of 15 new episodes which debuted at the same time on Netflix on May 26, 2013.Each episode focuses on one particular character, with Shawkat's Maeby, now a high school senior, featured in episode 12, "Señoritis" and appearing in several other episodes of the season.

But when I was 16 I didn’t know what was going on, and I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. There’s a very fun dynamic on set; laughing all the time on and off camera; never a dull moment.” Seeing a group of people you haven’t seen in years is one thing, but re-visiting the mightily successful, specific tone of a dead show and the part of a teenage girl who has now grown into a woman is quite another.She has also guest starred as Frances Cleveland, Virginia Hall, and Alexander Hamilton on Comedy Central's Drunk History.She currently plays Dory Stewart in the TBS black comedy series Search Party.We’re freaking children.’ And we were.” “Watching your own work anyway is always strange…But I think when enough time has passed, you’re able to believe the characters in a way where it’s not like looking at yourself now. It’s like looking at home videos almost in a weird way.” As anyone beyond the murky wilderness years of teenage can relate to: the Alia Shawket of now is not the Alia Shawkat of then. A real, fully-developed person – as opposed to whoever the hell you think you are at 14.

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