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"How Asians are treated in the dating market is highly gendered," University of Texas Austin Assistant Professor of Sociology Ken-Hou Lin told NBC News, "Asian women often receive similarly favorable treatment as white women do, while Asian men experience a level of discrimination that is comparable to black men." Now, however, multiracial Asian Americans who self-identified as "Asian-white" were among the most popular of the racial groups.

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Now he may be academically atrocious - "Bakagami"- but his family is rich and he makes a mean curry.

He has a huge appetite though so he might eat it all himself. For all his confidence on the court, I imagine he would be petrified on a first date.

She had secured to loans against her mother’s home without her knowledge - which she never repaid.

Jailing her at Croydon Crown Court today, Judge Stephen Waller said her con had netted unwary holidaymakers out for a deal with prices that were 'too good to be true' and left it impossible to run the business.

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