Black women dating outside their race

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Maybe there are some Black women who have taken a look at their lackluster love lives and decided that Black men were the problem, so they made a conscious decision to date or marry someone of another race. In fact, I think that any woman who believes that a husband being White (or Black) will insure her against infidelity or divorce or general unhappiness is just delusional. We definitely shouldn’t be basing matters of the heart on something as arbitrary, dubious, and fickle as pop culture relationship advice.

Just marry who you love and love who you marry — and assume that others are doing the same.

I rescpect others and their choices becasue everyone deserves to be happy with whatever makes them happy.

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Some Black women want her to give advice on how to meet White men and others want her to prove she doesn’t have something against Black men.Why are black men and women pointing the finger at one another. He was not a black columbian he is hispanic olive skin tone. Flowers, cards and would offer his money but I had to let him know I take care of myself so many of those times I would not take his money.I could deal with the hugs but felt very uncomfortable.Everyone deserves to be happy I am not one that has posted the I am angry or disagree with black men dating or marrying outside their race.what I don't like is when a black man or woman anyone for that matter to blame the fact the they don't date within their race because they have found fault in that person in their race you decided because you wanted to.

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