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See more at 26.9 MB 9/18/2011 Mike Arrigo updates his earlier report on accessible i Phone GPS apps and demonstrates two particularly good ones--the Magellan Road Mate and the Motion X Drive.25.9 MB 9/13/2011 Neal Ewers puts this newest recorder of the Zoom line through its paces.39.4 MB 6/17/2011 Neal Ewers compares many aspects of this recorder with others from Olympus, notably contrasting the built-in microphones with those of the DM4.He describes the operation and features of this recorder and gets the new user running quickly by describing the essentials of battery installation and button placement and function.8.7 MB 2/5/2012 Drew Weber describes this 61 key keyboard from Yamaha, reviews the entire knob and button layout, talks about changing arpegios, connecting the keyboard to your computer, connecting a drive to the unit, and sequencing with the Windows sequencer.19.5 MB 1/29/2012 Mike Arrigo Shows how to overcome custom modifications to Android that manufacturers sometimes use that limits accessibility, shows how to connect a Bluetooth GPS receiver, demonstrates Google Goggles, and demonstrates a file manager.

The unit is small and easy to use for blind consumers.

4.7 MB 6/2/2011 Christian Moller demonstrates this app running on an Android phone that lets licensed ameture radio stations communicate with one another.

He is extremely pleased about how accessible the app is with screen reader software.

54.5 MB 6/13/2011 Mike Arrigo continues this informative series with demonstrations on how to change the text-to-speech engine and the screen reader without loosing speech.

He also shows an accessible messenger and Serotek's i Blink Radio app, connects an external Bluetooth GPS receiver, and shows Sendero's Look Around GPS app.

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