Brazilian dating scams

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It takes a toll." So who is impersonating Shotwell, the college student?It could be someone catfishing, when people try to trick others into online relationships because they are lonely, bent on revenge or just plain bored.The popular dating app Tinder claims it has made more than 1 billion matches among its users since launching less than two years ago. Last month, Kristin Shotwell, 21, was walking home from class when her friend told her that he had seen her profile pop up on Tinder while visiting the University of Georgia in Athens.There was one problem: Shotwell, a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, had been nowhere near Athens at the time and had never signed up for Tinder.

"It’s crushing emotionally and it can be crushing to them financially.

"Show a guy a picture of a pretty girl and he will do pretty much anything." The Scam Online dating scams usually fall into two camps, according to multiple experts.

One is the high-volume, low-quality approach, consisting of automated scripts trying to get people to download malware or visit adult webcam sites.

"Because there are so many people using the app, it’s a ripe target for scammers," Satnam Narang, security response manager at Symantec, told NBC News.

Fake Profiles 101 On Tinder, people either swipe left to reject someone or swipe right to accept them.

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