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ELLE: What famous woman did you fantasize about the most as an adolescent? You didn't see bare midriffs in the late '60s on TV. BM: I was engaged to a woman who whizzed a pool ball right at my head. BM: There was a girl I was crazy about my senior year of high school, and I visited her at college.I think it was only allowed because she wasn't human. We slept in the same bed, but I was intimidated by her, so I didn't try anything.Would you have had an issue if she'd covered herself? But the idea that my mother would have ever breastfed me in public is unimaginable. But you once called her "a witty drinking companion," which made me wonder whether you two had perhaps enjoyed a drunken tumble? Somebody being witty has no effect on if I want to sleep with them.ELLE: You do realize babies need to eat every couple hours. I don't think I got laid during my first two years at Cornell, and even then, when I was horniest, I never went to bed with an unattractive woman because I was drunk. I was too young and dumb to understand that women want you to take the lead. I think with women, once you blow it once like that, you're out.And if you watch any of those old shows like Elimidate, you see that it's the asshole who wins or comes close. ELLE: You seem like a guy who wouldn't be shy about asking for what he wants.BM: I don't know if he could have saved himself, but he could have made it better if he'd just owned up to the whole thing right away. You get it out there and call yourself creepy before anyone else can. He should have just come out and said, "I fell off the wagon. A lot of you out there have gone through the same thing and know how hard it is to keep a marriage together for decades.' I don't know if John Edwards could have saved his career.

I couldn't go to bed with someone as politically abhorrent. I think one of the reasons people want to be famous is that it's finally a solution to that problem.At a certain point, you no longer have to say, 'Hi, I'm so and so' to a girl.Could you trace that quality back to that college girl experience? I was never a guy who had the facility to cold-talk to a girl.Even up to age 30, I was still making friends with guys who could do that.

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