Catholic atheist dating

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That is my analogy for people trying to prove God with sceince or reasoning. One funny thing is that, even if the whole world turns against God, it doesnt change His supremacy at all whatsoever.

The fact that some set of people worship God in a wrong way doesnt make God wrong.

The fact that some set of people worship God in a wrong way doesnt make God [email protected], u seem not to get my point, what i am saying is that God owns us all, just like u own a piece of paper that lies on your desk.

He can do whatsoever he wants concerning us(just like u would to any piecve of paper), God is not a person to answer to us.

Do you say, because your dad did'nt buy yu a bike in school that he doesn't exist.

Its absolute escapism and they greatest form of satans deception closely followed by homosexuality.

Seun, i really dont know what the essence of all this particular thread is all about. And my advise to others, Dont listen to what you cant handle.

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Rip (Photo) / Catholic Priest Slumps And Dies In Anambra During Church Service / Seun Kuti Is Happy, He Is An Atheist (1) (2) (3) (4) Julia Sweeney was born into a Catholic family and considered herself a good Christian.I will still maintain my original saying, " How many of us sitting behind our computer put papers in the printer and print out test pages, and seeing that we no longer need it, crisp/tear it and throw it into the dustbin. To me i am not in a position to defend GOd whatsoever.How i wish those pieces of paper can revolt in anger as to why been disposed away and i will see how we react to [email protected], did u get that at all? I wonder how possible is it for u to Judge a person based on human feelings rather than using the laws of the land.It is so full of contradictions that indeed, it takes a suspension of reason or logic to embrace it. These pastors have completely brainwashed them while making themselves rich.How can one be expected to believe something is true by suspending reason? Tell me, with all the influence Adeboye and Oyedepo has, what has changed?

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