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But you know, people like us, we don’t have it together – not in the least, and nobody knows. Nobody wants to know how bad it is in here, in this head, in this body, and they just want the funny guy back, that is what the audience pays for, and that is what they will get, night after night, year after year. That stupid mythology of the tears of the clown is really no myth.

It is a pair of hard, cement block shoes of truth that will drown us if we don’t watch ourselves, keep our noses clean, watch our backs, protect ourselves from ourselves. You had everything, as far as I could see, and then you had nothing, but then who can know what happens inside someone’s mind, and especially one that worked as well as yours did. My friend was very young, and loved you for a time, maybe twenty or so years ago, and she still loves you, and we said a prayer today for you, burned a candle, thought about the blue shirt you wore, the jaded look on your face, the hair so dark that it blacked out all reason for the young girls who crowded around you, to be near you.

Till now she has been married only once but sadly it didn't last long.

She was married to her ex-husband for almost 11 years.

In 2010, Cho showed off her dancing skills on ABC's popular series "Dancing with the Stars" (2005- ), and took her act on the road with "Cho Dependent," another gut-busting concert tour from one of comedy's most talented, inspirational and fearless performers.

She is the daughter of Young-Hie Cho and Seung-Hoon Cho.

Moving on to her personal life, she is currently as she has divorced her husband.

Talking about her sexuality, she is openly bisexual.

To stay connected to the gorgeous and kind-hearted Margaret we can simply follow her on Twitter @margaretcho.

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    While your girlfriend’s emotional bent of mind can help her to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, at the same time, it can make her overly touchy.

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