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In order to have a joyous, meaningful and effective Christian life, says God, we must be a separated people — separated from the sinful philosophy of the world, which is propagated by the sinful people of the world, stimulated by the sinful pleasures and places of the world, and proliferated through the sinful principles and practices of the world. Isaac, for example, was meditating in the field while he awaited his bride’s arrival Other notable examples of piety in romance would include Jacob and Boaz. If piety is the undergirding virtue, then patriarchy may be called the overarching principle since the father’s leadership is definitive in scriptural romance.

THE FRUIT OF DATING The philosophy of the world is commonly known as humanism; and it views man and his desires as supreme. In brief, the father lovingly prepares, protects and provides a spouse with the cooperation of a son or approval of a daughter.

These plagues of post-Christian culture are ruining many families in America too. He noted that marriages in India which are begun through traditional betrothal (pursuing a relationship for marriage, not recreation) enjoy a near zero divorce rate. On the other hand, every example where the father did NOT initiate and oversee the relationship (such as Esau/wives, Shechem/Dinah, Samson/Delilah, etc.) the outcome was either mixed or disastrous! THE PRE-CULTURE CREATION MODEL — In Matthew 19:4-6, Christ appeals to the pre-culture creation account of Genesis 1-2 as abiding justification for a biblical view of marriage By pre-culture I mean that cultural creeds and customs had not yet developed.

By contrast, marriages that are commenced through Western dating have the same divorce rate as America — over fifty percent! betrothal issue seems to have a dramatic impact on a marriage’s happiness, stability and longevity. It is simply the sowing and reaping principle of Paul’s command to the young men to treat the younger women as sisters, in all purity In Scripture I have observed at least five reasons why Bible-believing Christians ought to consider the betrothal approach to marriage as transcultural, that is, normative for all people in all cultures. In the Garden of Eden we are dealing with pristine conditions, the commencement of civilization untainted by mankind’s sin or ceremony.

By two means, declares Paul: according to the traditions of men and according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. A broader study would include words like dowry, protect, touch, kiss, caress, embrace, defraud, virgin and so on. But even some of the brief ones yielded highly crucial information. Piety is the character quality which undergirds and permeates the other four principles of scriptural romance.

The traditions of men refer to worldly practices; the elementary principles of the world denote worldly beliefs. Once located, these Bible passages must not be merely read but must be deeply probed by asking Who? In this series of articles, we’ll be making reference to many of these Scriptures, so let me list them for your firsthand study. It is a pure devotion to please Christ rather than self in all our relationships, focusing on inward character rather than outward beauty.

Rediscovering the Timeless Truths The Philosophy behind Dating The Fruit of Dating Evaluating the Relevant Passages Significant Relationships to Study Significant Concepts & Words to Study God’s Four Truth Forms Interpreting Culturally Related Scripture Biblical Betrothal is Transcultural Identifying God’s Principles for Romance Taking every thought captive 2. Preparing Your Children for Biblical Betrothal Courtship vs. The third truth form, practice, is a biblically defined implementation or exercise of a principle.

Through philosophy and empty deception, answers Paul. Young children, of course, will happily eat this dirty gum because they don’t know any better, which is why God gave them parents. First, the Heavenly Father and Son together chose the bride IDENTIFYING GOD’S PRINCIPLES FOR ROMANCE From creation to Christ’s second coming and covering a multitude of cultures, the Scriptures consistently present the betrothal model as normative, not cultural.

The Greek word for philosophy means a love of wisdom, and here it refers more specifically to the appeal of worldly wisdom. Likewise, God gave your children parents to guide them in this serious area of pre-marital relationships — so they don’t become like used chewing gum or pawed over merchandise on the bargain table. That’s right, God intends for rotten fruit — the corruption we reap from sowing to the flesh What, then, has God revealed about His philosophy of romance? The answers to these six crucial questions will enable us to define and describe God’s Design for Scriptural Romance. Before sin, before Israel, before the Law, before Christ, before the church., God instituted betrothal.

Further, we are warned that the world’s teachings are empty deception. And how do we unearth His life-changing principles? But we must be sure to frame the questions in light of our topic. might ask about the role of father, mother, son and daughter. might inquire about the outcome of the relationship. might probe the proper time for romantic emotions or touching. might investigate whether romance should be public or private. might question the reason something is done — is it normative or cultural? might explore the way a courtship, betrothal and wedding is carried out. What, then, are the essential, unchanging principles which stand behind this universal practice as an expression of the very character of God?

These pernicious intrusions are Western television, Western rock music, and Western dating and romance. However, that does NOT mean all Scripture is culturally bound. E.g., a mode of transportation, such as donkey power, changes as civilizations progress. It is instructive that in Scripture there are no positive examples of romantic relationships apart from betrothal, whether Jewish or Gentile.

We were familiar, of course, with the corrupting influences of Western television and rock music. Our missionary, a prominent Bible teacher and counselor in India, explained his startling observation from many years of marriage counseling. Indeed, some precepts and practices are exclusive to a culture, while others are normative for all time. To determine if it is cultural, we must ask whether the precept or practice is … Every scriptural example where the father (or another adult if the father was dead) initiated and oversaw the romantic relationship (such as Adam/Eve, Isaac/Rebecca, Joseph/Mary, etc.), the outcome was blessed by God.

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