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I started googling all sorts of obscure IRS situations. Or what I would do for a living after I got out of jail. But not before I had another bout of sleepless nights. Your ONLY job in life is keep the blood flowing between all four bodies every moment. ELIMINATING INSOMNIA Patrick Meister ‏@bhawks4life: how can I help eliminate insomnia and racing thoughts? They wanted to talk to me about the years 1997-2003. They had a lot of things they wanted to talk about. The first thing I thought when I got that letter was, “oh shit. Around two in the morning I woke up and went to my computer. I wondered if my kids would love me if I went to jail. The best technique: practice surrendering to the moment. So you’re either ok with that, or you become an executive, or you figure out how to be an entrepreneur or work in a more entrepreneurial company. One of the things I think about being on this board (and I’m not saying any private information. ANGRY DURING HURRICANE Eli Schostak ‏@Eli Schostak: were you angry at anyone or any Being during the hurricane? Why did I have to live in a place that was going to get flooded. But Insomnia 101 is better than getting addicted to something. If I wake up at 2 in the morning (like I did this morning) and I feel “AWAKE” I get up and start working. Or it becomes too easy to time travel to an apocalyptic future where you are in jail and nobody loves you.

They are a public company and over the past 12 months have had over 0 million in revenues, give or take (I should know the exact number but I don’t and I don’t like to stop writing to look things up). They almost never talk to the media, they don’t do any of the normal things that a public company should do. When I first heard about the company I thought to myself, “sounds boring. I actually think their data is wrong based on my own experience.

“Daddy,” she whispered to me so Claudia wouldn’t wake up.

She told me she was upset because on her tenth year birthday someone was at her party who was acting bad.

It’s a daily practice for a reason – because every day there are things happening in your life that will try to form a blockage of the life force that flows between these bodies. Your luck will come from a source that never goes away.

Luck happens when everything flows naturally between the four bodies. Because “luck” implies that it is something out of the ordinary.

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