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In other words, the do not need me to solve the problem, but to listen to and recognize their feelings. The listener is congruent in their verbal and nonverbal behaviour, which indicates your comfort with the other human being in your presence.

The Discrete Skills associated with empathy include listening, and reflecting patient feelings and implicit messages, in an "I" statement usually. K., here is what it sounds like so far, you are angry about your _____, did I hear you accurately? Rephrase or repeat back to the client an essential summary of details and feelings. I like to think that this 'other soul' deserves to be heard respectfully, no matter what the behavior.

When I do this, I often see speakers calm down, as they experience being heard respectfully.

Oftentimes, my speakers just need to be heard respectfully.

Are you unsure if you're making good decisions about who, when, and how long to date someone?

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(You will be amazed at how much mirroring behavior happens in a session).The next important part of listening is to capture the verbal and nonverbal communication of the speaker.You will be listening for the story line or chronology typically, and I like to listen for patterns of speech, for example, the use of words like should, ought, and must, which can point to a pattern of thinking.Since most communication occurs nonverbally, the listeners nonverbal behaviors are critical in the establishment of trust and safety for the speaker, who may be revealing personal secrets never before revealed.So the listener needs to set in his or her mind an intention to create ans sustain attending.

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