Dangers of dating muslim men

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I encourage them to be very frank and open and convince them that I can take criticism about Islam The twenty most common questions about Islam can be answered with reason and logic.A majority of non-Muslims can be convinced with these answers.Perhaps in Muhammad’s mind no woman could ever convert a Muslim man, if he is a traditionalist.Today, this is especially true if he comes from a hard line region in an Islamic country or a hard line Muslim family.They may agree with your contentions about the positive nature of Islam. But you are the same Muslims who marry more than one woman.You are the same people who subjugate women by keeping them behind the veil.Islam, as the whole world knows by many, many reports, does not honor women.

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To also assist I have been reading for days on the subject and gain more knowledge each day. The only thing I question is how women are treated. As for the no dating when I read more on it, I think the Muslim way is a beautiful way to get to know someone and not have sexual pressures.

I remember hearing an interview on the radio with a Muslim, a few years ago. (In this article I will address only the Christian community.) What is the rationale behind the ruling?

As the interview began, the host asked the Muslim guest whether he was married. The radio host pressed home the point, saying that the guest’s first statement was a little misleading, wasn’t it? Then, if I recall correctly, the radio host sensed his guest’s unease and changed the subject. Beyond any doubt, Islam is patriarchal, so a Muslim man must have final control in the relationship.

Also, would the children be Muslims or Christians, or secular?

The answer is clear, if Islam is followed consistently. Where is the spiritual connection and agreement between husband and wife and God?

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