Darkwave gothic and dating

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The Lorries have dancy Post-punk riffs powered by drum machine beats.

Futurepop band "Covenant" Could not leave out Covenant, their music is very club friendly yet always with a dark edge most similar to Wolfsheim in this list.

Rogue is a beautiful singer but he may sound whiney to first-time listeners. Post-punk/Deathrock band Virgin Prunes Straight out of the batcave came Virgin Prunes, an overlooked Post-punk outfit who made a few post-punk hits.

Beside their post-punk style lies a love for the dark and experimental sounds, their Avant-garde music, a strange and often disturbing listen!

This band has managed to create eerie Trip-hop numbers, like Witches and Sheep, as well as their punk/goth hybrid style with, for example, Bad Trash. Electro-Industrial/Darkwave band ":wumpscut:" Gaining popularity in german goth-clubs in the 90s, most notably hits like Soylent Grün, :wumpscut: have indeed come a long way since then.

They have an array of pulsating industrial beats than hit hard, remniscent of their predecessors Leæther Strip, but perhaps more "Club" friendly.

Their style roams between dark ballads to their more popular up-beat electro-industrial releases, something you just have to hear for yourself to understand.

Darkwave/Avant-garde/Electronica band "Deine Lakaien" Ambient sound scapes surround a lot of their music to great effect, but don't be fooled.

Though their style nowadays is mostly Synth/Futurepop and Electronica, Covenant are no strangers to darkwave and EBM.

Darkwave/Post-punk band "She Wants Revenge" Another newer darkwave band like Anders Manga.

They're reminiscent of The Cure, Love and Rockets, Depeche Mode, Joy Division and early The Sisters of Mercy.

They make synth pop, indie rock songs straight through to gothic rock, electro and darkwave, sometimes all in one song!

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