Dashboard widget not validating

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This wall-to-wall Cognos Analytics demo bonanza teaches you how to: TECHNOLOGIES COVERED Cognos Analytics v11, Dashboarding, Data Modules, Data Sets, Data Servers RECOMMENDED AUDIENCES BI Report Consumers, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, IT Managers, Financial Analysts, Marketing Analysts, Marketing Managers / Directors, Business Analysts PRESENTER Albert Valdez Vice-President of Learning Solutions Senturus, Inc.

Albert has spent the last 15 years as a technical trainer focused on business analytics and performance management.

However, I want to make sure: is the dashboard working correct for you or not?

I'm trying to access command line from a simple Dashboard Widget on Snow Leopard. I quess I'll have to reboot OSX to make it work on Dashboard, or is there some way to restart just Dashboard? That inspired me to just trying to rename it and that worked as well.

If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.

Note: Fixes previously available in Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP1 Feature Bundle are included in Cognos BI 10.2.1 FP3.

pip install jupyter-kernel-gateway==0.5.1 pip install ipython==4.2.0 pip install jupyter-client==4.2.2 pip install jupyter-cms==0.5.0 pip install jupyter-core==4.1.0 pip install jupyter-dashboards==0.6.0 pip install jupyter-dashboards-bundlers==0.8.0 pip install jupyter-declarativewidgets==0.6.2 pip install ipywidgets==5.1.5 jupyter cms quick-setup --sys-prefix jupyter dashboards quick-setup --sys-prefix jupyter declarativewidgets quick-setup --sys-prefix jupyter dashboards_bundlers quick-setup --sys-prefix jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix widgetsnbextension jupyter nbextension list Known nbextensions: config dir: foobar\etc\jupyter\nbconfig notebook section declarativewidgets/js/main enabled - Validating: ok jupyter-js-widgets/extension enabled - Validating: ok jupyter_cms/notebook/main enabled - Validating: ok jupyter_dashboards/notebook/main enabled - Validating: ok tree section jupyter_cms/dashboard/main enabled - Validating: ok edit section jupyter_cms/editor/main enabled - Validating: ok dashboard.js:1 stderr Widget Javascript not detected. This message is logged by ipywidgets because it doesn't see its Java Script on local disk.

If not, then run "jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix widgetsnbextension" stream @ dashboard.js:1a @ dashboard.js:1(anonymous function) @ dashboard.js:1IOPub @ dashboard.js:66e._handle IOPub @ dashboard.js:27e.handle Msg @ dashboard.js:27t._on WSMessage @ dashboard.js:27_ws.onmessage @ dashboard.js:27 Failed to parse Source Map: Declarative Widgets not supported ("urth_components" directory not found) Widget frontend version does not match the backend.

His main responsibilities are around the dashboarding and mobile capabilities.

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PRESENTATION OUTLINE The goal of good dashboard design is to provide a single actionable insight, not multiple.

Achieving good dashboard design requires clarity: about your business audience; about the business function and about how the layout helps bring about insights.

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