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And so, when I went to meet The Pupil in the middle of a bridge in the centre of the Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading, I was rather ungracefully carrying my sports bag and yoga mat with me!

Ironically the Pupil was the only person sitting on the bridge alone.

A few - we had even met through one of them just a year earlier. (My three years in New York left more than a few fiscal scars, if you know what I mean.)We agree upon Chateau Marmont at 9 p.m. My tutee and her family have known the terminally single me for eight years, and were quite excited to hear about my date/the project in general. I'm hiking up the drive to Chateau at p.m., when Tinder Oliver texts that he's running late. I go to give Tinder Oliver's name to the hostess, only to realize I don't know his last name. something I shamelessly admit to having read and just interpreted as ‘hot’, even though she had said nothing of the sorts! He’d told me he’d seen a picture of me, and knew where I’d gone to school, and in the very first text message praised me for being ‘attractive’ and ‘intelligent’.It’s interesting how different people use different words in different ways.When I told her I wasn’t actively seeking bad dates, more expecting the dates to get worse depending on how I screened for potential dates, she came up with The Pupil as a second option.It’s interesting, because looking back at her message, she had described him as ‘tall’ ‘sporty’, ‘well-educated’ and ‘well-travelled’ …

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