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As their courtship progressed, Scott’s insecurities persisted.“My biggest insecurity was not being able to do normal activity stuff that an able-bodied couple could do,” Scott said. Ann became passionate about wheelchair basketball and supporting her new boyfriend.

They would play pickup games together—he in the wheelchair and she standing up—and their matches would be competitive.

Furthermore, only 44 percent of Americans feel people in wheelchairs can be world class athletes.

When it comes to the workplace, 46 percent of Americans feel physically disabled employees are as productive as workers without disabilities.

When it comes to relationships, communication is key, no matter what the situation is.Everyone has an opinion on dating, but not everyone has one when it comes to the wheelchair side of things.Most people, let’s be honest, don’t even think about wheelchair-users in the realm of dating, but the truth is that many of us want to date or are currently dating. Fortunately there are a handful of wheelchair-users who love doling it out. Ruth’s of this world, but they’re out there and they’re recording their advice just for you; and w00t, they’ve made some amazing videos.” even if it’s eating at you when first meeting a person in a wheelchair (especially under romantic pretenses).“Never lead with that,” Sonja says, and boy is she dead on right. Watch: Sonja D’s “How to Date Someone in a Wheelchair” Video #2: “Do not push us” and other important dating tips Our second video comes from Tiffany Post, an incredibly confident 30-something paraplegic from Staten Island, NY, and she has a video series called “Wheelchair Wednesdays” where she gives advice on fashion and dating.

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