Dating an aries girl

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They'll let you do your thing while they do theirs, and still fully appreciate the time you have together. They don't want their "prey" to walk up to them with a "just shoot me" stance. Eager to get in on the game early, they are the first to make their move.

They're masters of the flirt, and they win others over with an almost innocent directness.

The trick is to keep Aries' interest in order to keep that initial spark alive.

This involves stimulating conversation, a few adventures, as well as lively moments that can even include arguments. Partners of Aries need to reinvent themselves every now and again, although Aries is quite adept at keeping things moving as well.

When you do, you might even put up a little resistance.

Aries will know it's a game, but it's a game they like playing.

The Aries man is the one who cuts to the chase--he has an opening line that might earn a slap if it weren't delivered with such a mischievous and irresistible smile.

Even the shy ones can come out and say something so refreshing that you can't help but be enchanted.

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Never a shrinking violet, Aries women won't play to a male ego by pretending to be helpless, but if they think you're fabulous, they will say so.

Let your Aries lover lead - not all of the time, but often - and follow along, introducing some of your ideas subtly along the way. Depending on how you feel about that, you can enjoy it, or subtly introduce a new kind of foreplay. Some Aries just love handcuffs, but they usually prefer to do the cuffing!

Even so, practically any accessory is game for Aries lovers.

Aries is direct, open, and usually quite confident. Aries is not the most romantic of signs, but the Aries' almost innocently direct and enthusiastic approach at least appears to be passionate.

Aries brings passion of the moment, unbridled enthusiasm, and a "come out on top" attitude. While there may be something missing on an intimate level (Aries is not known for an emotional approach to love-making), the Aries' eagerness and willingness to venture into untried territory wins major points.

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